1957991_698129126898148_729846881_nA. DBTC, INC. is a Catholic Educational Institution that believes in the uniqueness of every individual as a person created in the image and likeness of God. Aware of his natural and supernatural gifts, DBTC, INC. educates him towards BECOMING A GOOD CHRISTIAN, that is, bringing him to the realization and grateful appreciation of life’s ultimate purpose and assists him to make a responsible commitment to promote the good of everyone as well as his environment.

B. As a Filipino Educational Institution, it is committed to supporting and inculcating love for the country through the preservation and promotion of the Filipino culture and heritage as well as guiding especially the less privilege to become HONEST CITIZENS who can make “heroic” contributions to the society.

C. As a Salesian school inspired by the ideas of St. John Bosco, it is conscious of its specific role to EDUCATE THE YOUTH ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLES OF THE PREVENTIVE SYSTEM. Such is a system of education based on the three pillars of REASON, RELIGION AND LOVING KINDNESS, and implemented through the ACTIVE PRESENCE.

D. As an Academic school that prepares the young for the future, it is dedicated to giving professional formation which makes recipients academically competent in the pursuit of higher intellectual learning and critical thinking as a preparation for life.

collegeE. As a Technical school, it is distinguished for its training in the acquisition of proficient technical skills necessary for students’ career path or gainful employment in the future thereby answering to the country’s call for workers and entrepreneurs.

F. Like any Salesian school, the unique character of Don Bosco Technology Center as an educational institution is the participative communion and support of everyone in the Educative Pastoral Community (administrators, personnel, teachers, parents, students, alumni and Lay Mission Partners) who are bonded by a strong sense of mission expressed in a family spirit and dedication. It is a commitment to educate the young inspired by St. John Bosco’s motto: “Da Mihi Animas Et Coetera Tolle” (Give me souls; take away the rest).